Authority to Leave

Authority to Leave

When placing your order it is recommended that you provide clear instructions where to leave your parcel, in the special instruction field.

Deliveries can be made to business addresses, please include the company name at the beginning of the address, all business addresses will require signature on delivery.

If "Authority to Leave" is selected, and the parcel is left by the courier, WeeCare 24/7 holds no responsibility for the parcels, if they go missing from the shipping address and proof of delivery is confirmed by our couriers.

Any attempted delivery with no-one to sign, without "Authority to Leave" selected on your order will result in an attempted delivery card being left at the address. The courier delivery card will ask for you to contact the courier, to either organise a new delivery or a pick up from their depot or at nearest Australia Post Office.



离开的权力 下订单时,建议您在特殊说明字段中提供明确说明离开包裹的说明。 可以对商家地址进行交付,请在地址开头包含公司名称,所有商家地址都需要在交付时签名。 如果选择“离开权限”,并且快递员保留包裹,WeeCare 24/7不对包裹承担任何责任,如果他们从送货地址丢失并且我们的快递员确认了送货证明。 如果您的订单中未选择“授权”,任何未经签名的人都会尝试交付,这将导致尝试的交付卡留在该地址。快递递送卡将要求您联系快递,以便安排新的送货或从他们的仓库或最近的澳大利亚邮局领取。